The creators chosen by Savoir Faire Français belong to an elite group of craftsmen. The exceptional quality of their work is consecrated by prestigious titles: Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Maître d’art, Les Grands Ateliers de France, Compagnons du Devoir, prix Liliane Bettencourt, Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant.


Veritable virtuosos, they mold material according to complex techniques that they adapt and perfect for each new project. Their workshops weave tradition and innovation.


Trust is the key to Savoir Faire Français. The company is involved with every step of every process. The quality of the artists’ work, of techniques used and the authenticity of French product are guaranteed.


Custom orders are designed to respond to every whim. Our platform manages every aspect of the piece, with hassle-free international distribution.


All of the works offered by Savoir Faire Français are unique pieces. They reflect the sensibilities of our creators in the same way they reflect the personality of their owners. By bringing these pieces into their lives, art lovers become custodians of a rich history, endowing their family’s heritage with a singular treasure to be passed down generation after generation.

Presentation of the founder
Patrick TRAHAY

A rare breed of man, Patrick Trahay inherently possesses an honest temperament and a simple, direct approach. Completely self-taught, Patrick left the countryside of Mayenne at a very young age to create his destiny in Paris, where he lived with his brother who was studying cabinetwork at one of the most prestigious art and design schools in Europe, Boulle’s School.


Gripped with passion for fine crafts, Trahay is a man of many talents who made a name for himself through his intuition and strong networking abilities. Patrick is a natural competitor and a skilled entrepreneur, a high ranking pilot and leader of expansion projects.

After reaching a turning point in his life, a certain wisdom caught up with him, causing him to rethink his relationship with time and the importance of being in the moment. The entrepreneur realized the power of certain objects to bring meaning to daily life, adding soul. He returned to fine crafts and was enthralled by his visits to artists workshops. Those he met shared values close to his heart: hard work, passion and authenticity.


Patrick Trahay reconsidered the economic potential of these ateliers on a global scale and wanted to see their international expansion. Commited and unafraid to open doors, he vowed to defend an extraordinary French culture through his exceptional vision and began to unite men and women who have since inherited an ancestral savoir-faire.